How Interpreter makes correspondence easier

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how Interpreter works:

  1. Documents are received into the system.
  2. Business rules are applied and documents are classified into subjects by the Context Engine.
  3. Automated responses are generated and placed in queues, where they are validated and authorised.
  4. The system redirects requests for action and responses as required through the work flow to the correct recipient.
  5. Acknowledgements and responses are sent to the author.
  6. Documents are tracked and stored.


Through its design and unique technology and features Interpreter deliveries a number of key benefits that improve both delivery of service and improvements in costs and productivity. These benefits are:

Increase service delivery

It is difficult to balance the constant demands for innovation and improvement in service delivery with the pressure to reduce costs.  Interpreter allows you to meet these goals by doing more with less. Providing a purpose-built application that fully integrates with existing infrastructure Interpreter deliveries significant productivity improvements with outstanding service delivery.

Reduces costs

Requires less staff to do more. Interpreter dramatically reduces the time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks while providing more time to review and respond to correspondence. The sorting and organising is done for you, resulting in:

  1. Less re-work
  2. Improved accuracy of responses
  3. Dramatic increase in the speed of processing

The result is you have more time to concentrate on the important issues of responding to correspondence not wasted with sorting and organising the correspondence.

Improves productivity

Because you are able to do more with less productivity is significantly improved, however improvements are not limited to volume alone but cover a number of areas including:

  1. More easily accessible Information
  2. Faster response times
  3. Integration with existing systems
  4. Improved traceable and reporting
  5. Easily deployed

Interpreter is purpose built therefore it simplifies key tasks and activities which improve productivity and provides greater visibility and reporting on key elements.

Streamline processes

Interpreter provides information at your fingertips. Information is easily sorted, viewed and actioned from the central screen. Results are prompted and easily changed often only requiring a review. The purpose-built application has many features that reflect the necessary processes required by Government Departments to manage documents.

Supercharge your correspondence management

Because Interpreter integrates with existing infrastructure and systems such as e-mail, text messaging and EDRMS (Trim, Objective and Technology One) there is no need to replace or upgrade. Additionally, Interpreter is browser based and can be deployed with no IT involvement.

Supercharge your correspondence management today with Interpreter.

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